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Propose Day 2019: Funny Jokes, GIFs and Memes That Will Take Your Blues Away If You are Sad and Single on Valentines Week

Propose Day 2019: Funny Jokes, GIFs and Memes That Will Take Your Blues Away If You are Sad and Single on Valentines Week

Propose Day memes (Photo credit: Twitter/Phenomenal_One and Durgansh Dixit )

Happy propose day, everyone! The third of Valentine’s week that is all about proposing to your loved ones. The Valentine’s week list consists of Rose Day on the 7th of February and the Propose Day on 8th, Chocolate Day on 9th, Teddy Day on 10th, Promise Day on 11th, Hug Day on 12th, Kiss Day on 13th and finally Valentine’s Day on 14th. This propose day you may or may not be proposing to someone. You could be happily or sadly single. Or maybe just to shy to propose to someone this Valentine’s week. But if you really find the whole Valentine’s week really trash, we have some dope memes for you. You’ll absolutely relate to these dank memes if you are someone who loves to diss the whole valentine’s week fiasco. Share the memes with your friends over WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to if not propose someone but at least make them LOL. Valentine’s Day 2019: Funny Memes and Jokes for Singles Who Are Just Too Cool for the Lovers’ Day Celebration.

Here are some of the funny memes.

That’s a relatable poem

Desis will relate


Believe me or go home

Ram Mandir memes?

Proposals like this?

Narendra Modi propose day memes

Propose to FOOD

Priya Prakash Warrier kinda propose?

That is all of us, right?

Propose like this or don’t propose at all


Pizza is BAE!

PUBG wala propose

Singles in the house…


Them feels

Look for a grill friend, not girlfriend

Be a good boy!

Love yourself first!

Aren’t memes the best? They make simply any occasion super hilarious and fun. Especially Valentine’s week that seems unbearable to many. Whether or not you propose to someone or get any of the proposals, memes toh banta hai, boss!

Minionnnnn! | Funny quotes | Pinterest | Funny, Lol and Funny memes

Minionnnnn! | Funny Memes

IndiGo Tried To Use A Funny Meme To Ask Passengers Something, But Got Badly Trolled In Return

So, IndiGo thought it would be really innovative and creative to ask the passengers questions using memes. After all, that’s the language that we all seem to understand these days.

The “Really, really, really” meme became popular last year and it basically involves someone using multiple “Really-s” in order to really emphasize on the importance of some thing.

IndiGo used the same meme to ask their passengers why they always liked to stand up when the seatbelt sign is on. They thought it would be really funny, but clearly, it backfired.

Funny/Racy Memes I’ve Seen on Facebook Pt:3 Thu 207 · Chit Society

Life isn’t all Rainbows and Unicorns and classy Chit.

So If you’re having the best days of your lives, or the Chittiest days ever, a smile will always makes it better.

The following collection features all the best memes that I’ve come across on Facebook today. I hope this installment makes your day just a little more awesome.

Go ahead. Laugh. Share them with your friends.

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